Hiring a Trademark Attorney

Hiring a Trademark Attorney

Over the last two decades the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has moved the vast majority of its operations online. This change has made the process of filing a trademark application more transparent, but no less complex.

While some people choose to file their own trademark applications, do-it-yourself lawyering has some limitations and traps. If an application is filed incorrectly it can often cost more for an attorney to correct the application, than to file it right the first time. In addition, fees paid the USPTO are non-refundable.

Hiring an experienced trademark attorney can mean the difference between an application being accepted quickly and one which is needlessly delayed or even rejected. While it is impossible to guarantee with certainty that a trademark application will ultimately register, hiring the right lawyer familiar with USPTO practice increases the chances that an application will register as quickly as possible.

When looking to hire an attorney to handle your trademark portfolio, be sure to retain one with the relevant legal experience. Has the attorney handled a handful of trademarks, servicemarks, and logos or hundreds? Does the firm focus on trademark law? Or is intellectual property a small part of the firm’s overall practice?

At DC Trademarks, our managing attorney has over twenty years of legal experience. Our firm handles trademark work from small to medium size businesses located across the country and in multiple other countries. Our firm has handled more than 1,500 trademarks, servicemarks, and logos and is intimately familiar with USPTO trademark prosecution practice.

In addition to experience, find out what items the potential lawyer will handle personally, and which items a paralegal or legal assistant handle. Does the attorney perform the trademark search or does a paralegal? Will the attorney be available to answer any questions you may have about the trademark application process? Does the attorney personally file the trademark application or does a legal assistant?

At DC Trademarks, a licensed trademark lawyer will personally handle your trademark matter from start to finish and will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Our firm a small boutique practice with personalized client service. Your trademark matter will not be passed among several attorneys and paralegals.

Another important consideration are how fees and costs are handled. Will the law firm charge you for reporting on your trademark’s progress and for every paper it reviews from the trademark office? Will you be billed for routine copying, faxing, and mailing? What about an initial consultation?

At DC Trademarks we charge a flat fee which covers a federal trademark search, filing the application, and all reporting requirements. You will not be billed extra for reviewing correspondence from the trademark office and reporting on your application’s progress. You will also not be billed for routine copying, faxing, and mailing. Our firm also offers free initial consultations by telephone.

For complex business matters, including handling a trademark portfolio, it makes sense to hire an experienced trademark attorney. Find out about the attorney’s experience, pricing, and the possible outcomes of your trademark case before deciding on what lawyer you want to hire.

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